Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Sarah CSarah C
Passed 1st time
I had been taking driving lessons on and off with other instructors for about 10 years - I found driving extremely stressful and these lessons often ended in tears. Driving with Adam and using the LDC system has been totally different. I feel confident, was always in control of my learning and progress and Adam put me totally at ease. I did a midway pass course during the Christmas period and passed at the first attempt. Thank you so much!

Nathan WNathan W
Passed 1st time
Adam is a very good driving instructor. He is very friendly and his teaching style is clear and easy to understand. He is always happy to let you choose what you want to focus on in each lesson and this helped me to pass my test first time. The workbooks and videos were extremely useful for helping to speed up progress and being able to learn at home.

Harry RHarry R
Passed 1st time
Adam was very good from the start at helping to improve my driving and was very helpful at explaining how to do things very clearly. Also the workbook helped massively as it allowed me to learn between lessons. The system was very good as well as from the first lesson you are encouraged to find solutions so that you can become independent. I had a home visit from Adam to explain things and then had my first lesson on my 17th birthday. I did a semi-intensive course of 30 hours in 8 weeks and passed my test at the first attempt.

Daniel Emery
Passed 1st time
Adam is a cool, calm and collected instructor who will make even the most nervous driver feel at ease behind the wheel. Great structure to lessons and excellent debriefs too. I would highly recommend.

Jack Moore Jack Moore
Passed 1st time
The LDC resources have helped me with both my theory and practical tests. I've been able to expand my knowledge much further than needed to just pass the test. Adam is easily the best instructor in the area - always punctual and on time and always puts 100% into my learning and safety. There has never been a time where Adam hasn't had the answer to a question of mine and he puts things into context brilliantly for me. I have always felt confident and supported whenever I've been behind the wheel and this helped me to pass on the first attempt with just one minor driving fault. The car Adam uses is perfect for learning in, comfortable, practical and very modern and he always keeps it very clean and tidy.

Jack MJack M
Passed 1st time
I passed my driving test first time after six months of weekly lessons with Adam from LDC. Adam is a great instructor and one I can't recommend enough. He is very calm and patient and has helped me achieve this pass.

Millie VMillie V
Passed 1st time
I found the LDC workbook to be very helpful in keeping me up to date with the things I still needed/wanted to work on. Adam was always very calm and helpful throughout my lessons and guided me through the student-centered learning course so that I always knew what I wanted to work on, not just following a guide. I always felt safe and was always fully aware of my own improvement. I passed my first driving test with some very positive comments from the examiner. I have already been recommending Adam and will continue to recommend him.

Henry CHenry C
I did semi-intensive course and passed in 7 weeks with Adam’s LDC Driving School. Adam is great at teaching driving. He is very helpful when learning. He gets you to pick your targets for each lesson and then guides you to achieving them on the way to that all important pass. I'd give him the highest recommendation when it comes to driving.

Rob HRob H
Passed 1st time
I'd failed my test 6 times a number of years ago when I was 18 and never went back to driving as all my confidence had gone. I dreaded ever driving again. However I needed to learn once again at 24 for my job and to move my career onwards. Adam was recommended to me by a work colleague and it was the best decision I could have made. I passed my first test with Adam after his excellent tuition with just three driving faults. I cannot recommend him any higher.

Adam has been an excellent driving instructor who always made me feel comfortable during lessons. LDC's system helped me a lot, whether it was using the workbook and videos to prepare for lessons or the online hub which helped me pass my theory. Despite being nervous on the day Adam convinced me that I was good enough to pass, which I did with just three driving faults. I would definitely recommend Adam and LDC for learning to drive.

Megan B
I am so happy to have passed my driving test after learning with Adam from LDC. Adam is always polite and very easy to get along with. He is extremely supportive and always happy to go the extra mile to help. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Jordan CJordan C
Passed first time
I passed my driving test first time with no driving faults. The LDC workbook provided me with all the knowledge I needed for the road and Adam made me feel comfortable even in new and tricky situations. He's been an excellent instructor and I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Thomas B
Passed first time
I thought the student portal was very informative and delivered ease to students. Adam is very helpful and always goes the extra mile for his students, always pushing to do more. I would really recommend him.

Jacob BJacob B
Passed first time
Adam is a very lovely man, very understanding, patient and adapts to the students way of learning.

Chelsey S
Passed first time
After failing my test twice with another instructor Adam helped me to pass the first test I took with him. He's been an amazing teacher who made me feel really comfortable during our lessons. I would strongly recommend him.

Katie WKatie W
Passed first time
Adam is an amazing instructor, easy to get on with and he calms any nerves you have. Being a nervous driver I was still able to pass first time with just 2 driving faults. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. Absolute 5 star driving instructor! Thank you.

Jay TJay T
Passed first time
I have found my driving course extremely time efficient. Adam has been very helpful with every aspect of my driving. His structured lessons have enabled me to successfully pass the driving test first time after 18 hours of lessons. I highly recommend Adam and LDC.

Jordan AJordan A
Adam was a super instructor. He was always positive and helpful when needed. The system that LDC use is very thorough and generally a very good system. Adam gave me confidence and therefore helped me to achieve my pass.

Beth D
Passed first time
I did a test booster course and passed first time with Adam after an unsuccessful test with a previous instructor. I moved to start learning with LDC/Adam after failing my first test and feeling that I couldn't drive well at all, but Adam instantly gave me the confidence I needed to drive. Within the first lesson I felt able to take a test again! By the time my test came around I couldn't have felt more prepared. Thanks Adam!

William BWilliam B
Passed first time
Adam is an exceptionally good natured guy, relaxed and informative - qualities that make for a great instructor! I have always been very nervous when inside a car and Adam's approach has helped me deal with that and become a safe and confident driver. I passed first try with only three minor driving faults! I also used the LDC website to revise for my theory test. I cannot recommend this enough. The questions are laid out exactly as they appear in the official test.

Harvey GHarvey G
Passed first time
The theory practice on the LDC website was very useful and helped me to pass the theory test at the first attempt. Adam is very patient, kind and gives good, constructive advice, guiding you on how to improve. He is very down to earth and very easy to get along with, which made me feel very comfortable and gave me the confidence to pass the practical test first time.

Tom HTom H
Throughout the time in which I have been driving with Adam he has been very welcoming and effective with his teaching. Not only as a person, but as an instructor, he is calm and easy to get along with and he is also very encouraging. I found that while being taught by Adam he would encourage me to safely develop my own driving style and would help me to find out things for myself, in order for me to become as safe a driver as possible. Whenever I had doubts he was very understanding and helped me to correct any issues very effectively. Overall he has been an excellent instructor, one who I will be - and already have been - recommending to many people.

Harvey S
Passed first time
I passed my driving test on my first attempt with Adam. He is an excellent instructor who was very easy to understand when teaching. LDC are a very good driving school. Their workbook especially was very helpful. I would recommend Adam's LDC Driving School to anyone learning to drive.

Beona Cox
From the very first lesson I had with Adam I was very pleased and comfortable. Specially for someone like me who is a nervous wreck he was just the right instructor. Always stayed calm and put me at ease by constantly motivating me and that helped me build up my confidence.

What I enjoyed the most was the instructions given were with a lot of patience and was taught “my way” as I would say it, yet making sure myself and other road users were safe. Eg: going around the roundabouts, taking 2nd exit was almost impossible for me to do it right! until he asked me to drive towards the kerb/bollards as though I’m gonna hit it and then take the exit. Believe it or not I said this to myself on every roundabout and I made that impossible become possible?

I can proudly say I passed my driving test and all credit goes to Adam. He really went beyond the extra mile, hence he is a true asset to LDC and I hope my feedback will be shared with him. Also thank you LDC.

Isabelle L
Passed first time
Adam is the most patient and helpful instructor I could have hoped for! He helped me gain and maintain so much confidence within the car, enabling me to pass my driving test first time.

Nadia ANadia A
After five previous driving instructors Adam has been the most caring, down to earth and patient instructor I have had.

Sophie WSophie W
My instructor Adam has been so helpful in building my confidence in driving. He has been really patient and calming whilst I have been learning and I now feel confident going out and driving independently. I am really grateful for his help. The LDC workbook has been really helpful to have to hand to check over between my lessons.

Shannon FShannon F
Passed first time
The LD system really worked well for me. I loved being in control of what I was learning and when. Doing the preparation before lessons meant that I could spend more time on the important stuff - driving! Adam is one of the best teachers I have ever had. He made me feel comfortable and confident, two things that are vital when learning to drive. I would 100% recommend Adam to my friends and family... in fact I already have!

Ashlie WAshlie W
I think Adam is an amazing instructor! No matter what, he is always positive, caring and really helpful. I would recommend Adam as an instructor because when I first started driving it was difficult and I was all over the place... but now I have passed! Whatever help you need Adam and LDC will definitely help you pass!

Declan BDeclan B
I learnt to drive with Adam using the LDC student centred system, which I really enjoyed. It allowed me to work on the things that I felt needed work. Adam made me feel very comfortable and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to drive.

Maia B
From the first lesson Adam made me feel confident whilst driving. He has appropriately challenged me and been extremely helpful when I needed advice and guidance. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering learning to drive. He is constructive and in no way demotivating.

Ellie C
Passed first time
I passed my driving test at the first attempt with just two minor faults with Adam of LDC. Adam was very welcoming and supportive throughout. I used the student centered LD system and workbook which helped alongside lessons. I also used the LDC theory app which helped me to pass the theory test first time.

Reiss PReiss P
Passed first time
Adam provided me with the LDC workbook which I used throughout my lessons to help me understand more about driving. This was very useful in helping me pass my driving test at the first attempt. Adam also allowed me to choose what I wanted to learn on each lesson and improve quickly which helped me become a better driver. I took my test after 16 hours with Adam and passed with just 3 minors. He was a great teacher who never put any pressure on me at all. I would highly recommend Adam and LDC as a driving school.

Jack MJack M
Passed first time
I passed my driving test at the first attempt with only a few minor driving faults using Adam's LDC driving school. The instruction was very good, Adam never shouts or gets annoyed and was very kind throughout my lessons. It will be very different not having him there when I drive from now on. The workbook and online theory were very useful.

Passed first time
Adam is such a knowledgeable instructor with a really positive attitude. The course has been great to follow and it's been a pleasure having lessons and learning so much every week.

Ben TBen T
Passed first time
If you want to pass first time you should definitely go with Adam. As an instructor he isn't intimidating. He's very understanding so you don't need to be afraid of making any mistakes. The LDC system is definitely worthwhile. It gives an extra boost of confidence before each lesson especially. It is good, clear and informative and cuts down the number of lessons so it saves you money. So if you want to learn how to drive with confidence and to do it without spending a fortune go with Adam and LDC!

Passed first time
I passed my driving test at the first attempt after 28 hours of lessons with Adam of LDC. Adam is both very friendly and informative. He explains road situations in a way that makes it easy to understand and take on board. The LD system, including the workbook and videos, help to bring everything together and gives the student an extra way of learning outside of the car. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone wishing to learn to drive.

Liam GLiam G
Passed first time
Absolutely brilliant! Adaptive teaching gave me the freedom to work on what I wanted and needed to to help me pass at the first attempt. I always felt well informed and safe. I never felt upset or confused by Adam's teaching and was always very comfortable and pleased with his presence.

Oisin GOisin G
When I first started to drive I was very nervous but Adam helped me feel very confident. Adam's teaching style is flexible, enjoyable and very effective. I strongly recommend him as an instructor.

Luke SLuke S
Passed first time
Adam is a great driving instructor who helps you stay calm and full of confidence when you are learning to drive. The LDC system for learning to drive is also a really great way to learn. I used the online theory practice provided by LDC and was able to pass my theory at the first attempt and the student centered approach to lessons meant that I got to choose the topic for each lesson. This meant that I was always in control of my own learning and could work on the areas that I felt I needed to improve with the expert advice from Adam that I needed. When I got near to my test Adam was there to guide me in preparation so that on the day I was fully prepared and went to the test full of confidence and I knew exactly what the test was going to be like. Adam helped me book the test so that it fell at the exact time that I was ready for it. I can't say enough how happy I am to have chosen Adam and LDC to help me get my driving licence at the first attempt.

Carla B
Passed first time
The online theory test preparation was fantastic, excellent help. The workbook gives all the information needed. Adam was excellent. He is very good at making you feel at ease and is a great confidence builder. I passed both the theory and practical tests first time using the LDC system. I couldn't have done it though without a great instructor :-)

Natasha BNatasha B
Adam is a fantastic instructor, I have recommended him many times. He is very patient and always gives positive feedback. He is always willing to help no matter what. I have really enjoyed my time with Adam, he has never given up on my ability to drive and to finally succeed in my PASS! Adam supplied me with all the LDC course materials, including workbook, PC disc and DVD, on my first lesson and these helped immensely with both my theory and practical driving. Adam is highly recommended by myself and I am sure you couldn't find anyone more suited to his profession.

Sian VSian V
Passed first time
Adam was very helpful when it came to calming nerves throughout my learning. I found that the atmosphere in the car was very comfortable and great to learn in. Adam is very reassuring when you make mistakes and only sees the positives in what you do. The LDC workbook is very informative and helped tremendously. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.

Scott AScott A
Passed first time
I passed my driving test at the first attempt with just one minor driving fault using Adam from LDC. All lessons werep tailored to my needs which meant that I got the best out of each lesson. Teaching was clear and helpful with a relaxed and calm teaching environment.

Elizabeth SElizabeth S
Passed first time
Adam is a great instructor and makes you feel really confident about your driving. I passed my driving test first time and would 100% recommend him.

Jordan E
Adam is a brilliant instructor who allows the student to learn in a way that best suits their needs. He was even able to do my lessons quite late in the evenings to fit around my work. I passed my test with just two minor driving faults after about 30 one hour lessons. I would recommend him to anyone learning to drive.

Charlie N
Passed first time
I passed my test first time after 24 hours of lessons using Adam at LDC. I can't thank him enough for the help and guidance he has given me over such a short period of time.

Jedd BJedd B
Passed first time
I passed my driving test at the first attempt after around six months of weekly lessons with Adam. He is a great instructor who will really make you a safe driver.

Robert CRobert C
Passed first time
Adam gave me full confidence in my driving lessons before my theory and practical tests. His instruction was clear before any manoeuvre and I always knew what I was doing before I did it. I would recommend Adam to anyone looking to pass quickly. 5 star instructor.

I would recommend Adam to anybody, I think he is brilliant. He's very patient and always made me feel confident in the driving seat.

Passed first time
Adam is a really nice man who is very easy to get on with. He is very calm and made me feel really comfortable. He gave me loads of confidence and made sure I was fully prepared for my test. I passed first time because of Adam and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to drive.

Adam is a great instructor who will accommodate to each person's needs and abilities. I will recommend him and LDC to others.

Thomas HThomas H
Passed first time
Using the LD System I passed my test first time. I grasped the basics within the first 5 lessons and from then on it got easier and easier.

After having a bad experience with a previous driving instructor Adam built up my confidence to start lessons again. He explained everything in detail and gave me the opportunity to keep doing the same things until I felt completely comfortable. The workbook and dvd were very useful and the theory practice helped me pass with 50 out of 50.

Hannah SHannah S
Passed first time
I joined LDC late and Adam kindly managed to fit me in around our busy schedules. There's no doubt in saying that Adam helped me to pass my test first time. He helps you to learn to drive your own way and not just his, which is really important because everyone is different. I want to say a huge thank you to Adam for everything and would recommend him to anyone.

Lynda KLynda K
Adam was absolutely brilliant, very patient, caring and so relaxed and laid back I felt very comfortable from the very start. I used LDC for the theory and driving tests and would definitely recommend LDC and Adam to everyone wanting to take driving lessons.

Tim HTim H
Adam is the best driving instructor that I've had. He is calm and comforting and makes you feel relaxed in the car. 5/5 instructor. I recommend LDC and Adam to anyone learning to drive.

Matt KMatt K
Passed first time
I used the LDC book and online theory practice and passed both theory and driving tests first time. I still don't think I would have done if it wasn't for Adam. I was nervous on the day but he reminded me that we had done the work and gave me confidence to believe I would pass, and I did. Everyone should use LDC.

Bonita BBonita B
Passed first time
Adam stepped in when another driving school messed me about. He is a brilliant instructor, so patient and consistent. He helps you understand and correct any problems early on. I would strongly recommend.

Elliot RElliot R
Passed first time
Adam is an excellent instructor who helped me pass quickly. The LDC system was really useful, having the book and DVD to know exactly what skills you would be learning. Very good student orientated learning with me in control of the lessons.

Sam PSam P
What an amazing instructor! Adam is so kind and polite. He helped me through everything and I would highly recommend him. With my previous instructor I lost confidence until I got in the car with Adam. I will be using him again for Pass Plus. Hes an awesome instructor.

Georgia MGeorgia M
Passed first time
I think that LDC are a fantastic driving school. Adam makes you feel very comfortable and he lets you go at your own pace. The best thing is that you choose what you want to work on so you know that youre always doing something worthwhile each lesson.

Luke BLuke B
Adam was very helpful during both theory and practical tests. He is always offering advice on how to do certain things during a drive. Adam is also very honest so if anything is wrong he will always offer good advice on how to improve. The LDC resources were very useful in preparing for the theory and practical tests and helped me pass after just 32 hours.

Ronny LRonny L
Adam is a brilliant instructor, always has a positive and friendly attitude. He not only teaches you how to pass the driving test but also teaches you how to be a safe driver after youve passed. I have recommended him to friends and family and have also signed up with him to do a pass plus course to further progress my driving skills.

Samuel S Samuel S
Passed first time
I passed first time with just 2 minor driving faults after just 15 hours of lessons. I have already recommended Adam and LDC to others who are now learning with him.

Ben CBen C
Passed first time
Adam's tuition throughout my driving lessons has been excellent. The LDC system has allowed me to be well prepared for both my theory and practical tests, as well as allowing me to learn the basics before each lesson. I can't praise Adam enough for helping me to pass my driving test at the first attempt with under 30 hours tuition and I will happily recommend LDC and Adam to any learner driver.

Debbie RDebbie R
Adam is the best instructor in the world. He is such a calming person. He's very patient, gives you loads of confidence and is such a nice person. I've had previous instructors and nobody compares to Adam. I would recommend him to anybody, especially people who really struggle and think they can't pass as Adam is the guy to get you through it. He's amazing!

Martin MMartin M
Adam is an excellent instructor and I wouldn't have passed without him. He gave me the confidence and tuition to pass. Brilliant!

Nathan KNathan K
I would recommend Adam as a driving instructor. I used the LDC book and videos to prepare for my lessons and with Adam's expert help I passed my test after just 27 hours of lessons.

Thomas W Thomas W
Passed first time
Adam has been an absolutely brilliant instructor and helped me loads to pass my driving test first time. He is very laid back but helpful which made me feel comfortable and safe. I would definitely recommend him for driving lessons.

Nick H Nick H
Midway Pass - Passed First Time
I have had instructors previously then I came to Loughborough and used Adam from LDC and it was the best thing I could have done. I have done a midway pass course of 20 hours in 5 days and passed first time! Adam is a great instructor and he made me feel really confident. I would definitely recommend him and close family will be using him in the future. I am so happy with the test result - this week has changed my life.

Danielle KDanielle K
Fantastic result!
Adam was great at building my confidence so that I passed my test with just 4 minor faults. The LDC system meant I always knew how much I was progressing and where I felt I needed to improve. I would recommend LDC and especially Adam to anyone learning to drive.

Michelle Elson
Passed first time
Adam was very patient and helped me overcome my lack of confidence. Helped me with breaking down the manoeuvres. I would definitely recommend.